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In the current situation the whole country finds itself in, community is more important than ever.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic means we may not be able to physically celebrate our county with many wonderful events this year, particularly in the lead up to Somerset Day on 11th May, but we can still celebrate online.

Whilst we will continue to list events on our website on the basis that they were, at the time of listing, taking place, event organisers are understandably having to cancel events in light of Government and the World Health Organisation advice (you can find our full Coronavirus statement below).

We will be using our social media platforms to share what will be happening in local communities, keeping spirits high with fun and interesting social media posts about our beloved county, sharing stories and news from our followers and supporters and celebrating Somerset Day on May 11th – as we do every year.


Let us know if we can share your good news story or support your organisation via our social media communities. Email us here or Send us a message on Facebook here.

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We recognise that our businesses are as much a part of Somerset as our communities are. One can’t survive without the other.

It’s important now more than ever for businesses, large and small, to keep their ‘lights’ on as we navigate this maze of uncertainty. Many brands are turning to social media, and even diversifying with new offerings, to ensure that they remain relevant during the Coronavirus outbreak and at the forefront of consumer minds when ‘normality’ resumes.

Your Somerset business matters. That’s why this April we’re inviting you to take part in our #MySomersetBiz social media challenge – a fun, light-hearted and easy to engage with hashtag challenge.



During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we are following Government and medical advice closely. Firstly, and most importantly, our thoughts are with everyone who is directly affected.

We will continue to list events on our website on the basis that they were, at the time of listing, taking place. However in the light of the latest Government advice about gatherings in public spaces, it is likely that event organisers will cancel events in the coming weeks or months.    

Whilst we will make every attempt to update our events listings to reflect any changes, you are strongly advised to contact the event organisers (not us) for the latest position. Details of how to contact event organisers are provided on each event listing.

Please follow Government advice on social distancing, self isolation and washing your hands regularly.

We will, of course, update the events listings and our position to reflect any changes in Government advice.

Thank you.

Important Coronavirus information - Somerset Day goes onlineSEE HERE