Message of support from Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Somerset

 On May 11th Spring will have begun. The fields and hedges will be green, blossom will be in abundance, birds will be nesting and gardens up and down the county will be bursting into life.

Spring is a time of optimism and new beginnings and, fortunately for us, it is also time for us to mark our annual celebration of Somerset Day. Life has been difficult, for many months but especially during the darkness of winter. However, we are very lucky to live in Somerset and this is a great time for us to remember that and to show the world how proud we are of our county.

We hope that by May we may be living in better times and we hope that it will be safe and sensible for us to venture outside to contact our neighbours and our friends again. Even though we must be careful and compliant with guidelines as we make our plans, this year, this is the most perfect time to look forwards to another year, when life is going to be different but good, nevertheless.

Let’s put the winter behind us and let’s celebrate our county and the coming year by flying flags and hanging bunting everywhere so that we can share together all that is good and worth looking forward to in Somerset for the year to come.

Join us all in the Somerset Lieutenancy by Flying the Flag for Somerset 2021.

Mrs A Maw– Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset

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