Wave Goodbye to Lockdown and Fly the Flag for Somerset

The restoration team at Haynes Museum Fly the Flag for Somerset with this magnificent and very rare 1934 Alvis Speed 20 Flat back, one of only 8 known survivors, which they have just finished restoring.

 As we start navigating the Government’s end of lockdown roadmap, add Somerset Day, 11th May, to your important landmark dates !

This year the organisers of Somerset Day are asking people throughout the county to Fly the Flag for Somerset, so get prepared by downloading a Somerset Day pack from www.somersetday.com.

The pack includes templates for the distinctive yellow and red Somerset flags and bunting to make yourself and brighten up your homes, gardens and communities. For those who would like to purchase bunting or larger flags, Somerset Day has partnered with Red Dragon Flagmakers. A window, car sticker and badge pack is also available to buy here ORDER CAR AND WNDOW STICKER PACK

Or simply draw your own flag and display it with pride in your window.

Somerset celebrates its birthday over the weekend of 8/9th May through to Somerset Day on 11th May when we can start waving goodbye to lockdown by Flying the Flag for Somerset.

Lucy Housley, one of the organisers of Somerset Day says, “This is going to be an opportunity to celebrate – spring will be with us and we will be once again able to meet with friends and family outdoors, so let’s really have a massive splash of colour across Somerset and make Somerset Day a day to remember.”

Last but not least, let Somerset Day know what you are planning to do and send in any photos either by email to info@somersetday.com, or via its social media channels.

For more information and to download your Somerset Day Get Involved pack go to the Somerset Day website www.somersetday.com and join in.

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